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Xscape is an escape room Attraction dedicated to bringing an immersive, entertaining, fun, safe, and team building environment to its guests! Once you book your experience, you will arrive and park at Xscape at your appointed time and enter the lobby to check in. In the escape room at Xscape, groups of 10 enter the room together. Each group is given 60 minutes to work together in order to solve clues and puzzles in order to escape the room. Xscape creates and delivers an atmosphere which is great for friends, family, co-workers, and anyone seeking a fun and safe night out!

What People Are Saying...

This escape room was BEAUTIFUL. A group of my friends and I visited this last weekend and were amazed by both the quality of the escape room and the challenging (yet doable) puzzles and riddles. This is a MUST TRY for anyone in the area or traveling. We Loved It!
- Jordan K

This is very exciting, fun and interesting, bring friends and family ! This makes you work as a team and would be wonderful for new employees to learn trust and teamwork !! Did I mention it is fun too??
- Stephen R

It is an awesome family and team building experience!!! I can't wait to go back and make our escape!!
- Faith D

Honestly, we've been to several escape rooms across the Charlotte area, and Greenville Breakout...all of which were challenging and enjoyable, but this by far is the best laid out room I've ever seen! Way more than I expected! Hope you enjoy this as much as our team did!
- Casie S

Curse of the Mummy Escape!

You are part of an archaeological excavation of a CURSED Egyptian tomb. Traps have stripped your fate. Doors have closed and you will run out of air in less than 60 minutes. Egyptian head pieces, real sand, lighting, pneumatics, and other special FX and props work together in order to create an extravagantly detailed environment like no other! (While the Mummy theme may seem frightening to some, we can assure you that there is nothing frightening or scary about this room… All ages and customers can experience this room without the fear of being scared or frightened in any way). The Curse of the Mummy escape room creates an experience that feels like you’re right in the middle of a movie! Visit Curse of the Mummy at Xscape for the experience of a lifetime!

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